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The rapid growth of the internet and technology means has made it easy for everyone to access an email account. It is an easy process also, allows you to send and receive instant messages with supported files. There are plenty of players in the market serving the email access but only are the few that are sophisticated. AOL email is one of the prominent email services that is being used by a number of users with a greater feeling of satisfaction. With the user-friendly setup wizard, it is quite easy for anyone to create an account on AOL mail. You can access and manage it easily to get connected with your family and friends. AOL email is a decent way to forwarding information officially to your colleagues and office staff. From personal, promotional, or official uses, AOL is a superb option to perform as per your requirements. You can add attachments and send multimedia files like a pro. With a secure and safe network of connectivity, you seldom get any security threat. However, there are other issues that may create troubles. Now you can contact at AOL customer support number to get a professional approach for additional AOL support.

Create and manage AOL account

AOL mail gives you an incredible experience to personalize your account and easily get connected with your family and friends. With the simple setup wizard, you can create an account on AOL and access the features of AOL mail. You also need to learn to manage an AOL account. you can get assistance of AOL experts at AOL support number as well.

Create a new account
  • Open the AOL official page.
  • In the upper right corner, you will find login/join button, click on that.
  • Further, click on sign up button going bottom of the screen.
  • Provide necessary information and submit to create an account on AOL mail.
Manage your AOL account

AOL account helps you to manage your account so you can change your password, manage your AOL username and also can manage security questions.

Change your password
  • Log in to your AOL account.
  • Go to the account security page.
  • Choose the option ‘change password.’
  • Now type your new chosen password.
  • Click on continue to save the changes.
Reset your forgotten password
  • Go to sign page and click on sign in helper.
  • Choose any of the option to verify your account.
  • Click on continue and get the password reset page.
  • Further, you can set a new password and close the window after saving the changes.

Remove security questions

You can remove security question from your account, but you need to add your phone number or email address for further recovery options. Follow these steps to disable the security questions:

  • Log in to your AOL account and go to the account info page.
  • Click on account security option.
  • Choose to disable security questions.
  • Then click on the option ‘yes, secure my account.’
  • Press the ‘continue’ button to complete the process.

Manage your AOL username

A unique username is the identity of your email account and associated with only one account. You can only delete your username when you are deleting your account. AOL however, doesn’t allow you to change the username. You cannot set multiple usernames for one account as well.

Common issues of AOL Mail

Despite being a sophisticated network and completely secured, AOL mail is not fully resistible of factors that cause issues. A number of issues are reported by the users from all the corners of the globe. However, there is a repeating pattern in their issues. So you can get an idea of common issues that are frequently occurring to the AOL mail. Get these points to be aware of the most common issues and can be fixed at AOL tech support number.

  • AOL mail forget password issue.
  • AOL mail is not working issue.
  • Setup issues of AOL mail on iPhone.
  • Setup issues of AOL mail on Android.
  • Spam filter settings reviews in AOL mail.
  • Unable to retrieve deleted email on AOL mail.
  • AOL mail being hacked issue.
  • Server configuration issues in AOL mail.
  • IMAP or POP3 settings changes in AOL mail.
  • AOL mail cant download the attachment issue.
  • AOL mail not sending or receiving emails issue.
How to contact AOL support?

You have witnessed the positive and negative aspects of AOL mail. There are plenty of reasons for you to choose AOL mail for email service, but you will definitely be getting issues on AOL mail, even if minimal or user-oriented. So you will have to get connected with AOL helpline number to get fixed. Feel free to contact at any time round the clock. Get the immediate resolution with a professional approach to problem-solving. You will be attended by the AOL experts and get the most prominent support and assistance. A combination of years of experience and expertise work as a catalyst to speed up the support process and easy to analyses the complex, troublesome situation. AOL expert serves you accordingly to make you satisfied and able to access your AOL account again with the same quality user-experience.

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